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How to create EDM marketing campaigns

The EDM marketing process is a lot more than just sending out emails and posting on social media. It is a process that is constantly changing and growing.

As the world of marketing evolves, so does how you get your message to your target audience. So here are some ways to create successful EMD campaigns. 

What is EDM marketing?

If you’ve never heard of EDM marketing before, you’re not alone.

EDM marketing stands for Electronic Direct Mail. 

It is marketing through email, online adverts, and social media. The goal of this type of marketing is to generate leads and drive conversions.

The difference between EDM marketing and email marketing is that it’s a direct form of communication since you reach out directly to each recipient in a highly targeted manner. And if done correctly, these can be incredibly effective for sales.

Success in your EDM marketing campaigns takes a lot more than just sending out emails and posting on social media. It is a process that is always changing and growing. As the world of marketing evolves, so does how you get your message to your target audience. So here are some ways to create successful EMD campaigns.

Define your audience

The first step in any successful campaign is knowing who you want to reach with it. Whether it’s targeting millennial women or baby boomers, understanding who they are will help tailor your content for the better, whether that be through specific messaging or images used in posts or email blasts. 

What are their interests? – Your audience is not one-size-fits-all. They have different preferences, which makes them unique individuals. Understanding each of your audience members’ interests will help you learn what appeals to them and, more importantly, what they respond to best when they see it.

Who are the players in their lives? – It’s important to learn about your target customer on a personal level and understand who influences them the most. Learning this valuable information can help you determine where and how to deliver your content effectively. 

Are they local or global customers? – Learn if your clients use your product or service locally or do they purchase from another state or country? The more information you have about your audience, the more targeted your campaign can be.

Think about engagement 

Engagement is also important when creating a successful EDM marketing campaign. It is important to balance engaging with a target market and then converting them to create sales opportunities.

Keep it fresh!

Persuasive storytelling – Your campaign doesn’t always have to be hard-selling your product or service. If you grab the attention of your customer base early on, they will likely read more of your marketing messages. Use captivating copy that paints a picture for your customers that will make them eager for more once their initial questions have been answered.

Keep the information fresh – Sending out the same blast over and over again, or posting to your social media accounts too frequently will lead to a decline in engagement. Post at strategic times throughout your campaign so that you are not bombarding your audience with messages and, therefore, potentially pushing them away from what you have to offer.

Be consistent but don’t be stagnant – Your messaging needs to stay consistent through all platforms for it to be effective. But avoid being boring about it. Change up how often methods of communication will change and think outside the box though when it comes to using each medium effectively or creating new ways of reaching customers that they would not expect from a company they already do business with.

Develop your strategy

Start with the end in mind – Before you do any form of negotiation, spend some time mapping out what you want to accomplish. What is your desired outcome? This will help you gain a clearer picture of everything involved and, therefore, help you develop your strategy that is unique to how you operate your business and interact with customers on a daily basis. 

Educate yourself – It’s important to learn about trends in the market today before making any decisions regarding how your company operates. Research current marketing trends so that when it comes time for developing strategies, they are based on tried and true methods that have been successful for other companies rather than those from an entirely different industry. 

Develop Your Strategy – Once you know who you want to reach with an EDM campaign, it becomes easier to determine what you want them to do or how you want to get their attention. This may be through a specific message that will catch their eye or with images that touch on an emotion they are feeling. 

Identify keywords

A good EDM campaign is always thinking about the future. That means using trending and popular keywords so that if your content comes up in a search for those terms, it will show up higher on the list than others who may be searching for information around the same topic.

Be smart with the copy.

Don’t force your message onto customers in your emails, on social media, or in a blog post. Craft it to sound like they want to hear from you instead of salesy or desperate-sounding. Even if there is an offer to encourage additional responses, make sure the message doesn’t come across as being too pushy and turns people off to it before they have even had a chance to read what you have to

Identify Keywords – Once you know your target audience and determine the messaging you want your campaign to convey, it’s time to identify keywords or phrases that will help drive these goals. For example, you may want your campaign to revolve around promoting a new product line and giving users the opportunity to sign up for a giveaway. 

Create landing pages

Create Landing Pages – This is an important part of any EDM marketing campaign because this is where your users will land once you have captured their attention. This should be easy to navigate and have some sort of call-to-action in order for you to gain insight into what works best for your brand. 

Optimize your landing pages – Once you have a list of possible keywords, pick the most relevant ones to what you want your consumer to do. Focus on finding keywords that will help people find your content, so it doesn’t get lost or buried among other search results. Also, make sure to use these keywords in conjunction with other marketing tactics and strategies that will promote this page well beyond just when it is initially launched. 

Post on social media platforms

There are a number of social media platforms available today that can help drive an EDM campaign. Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter content strategically will help direct traffic and generate more leads for your business. 

Knowing which days or times are best for posting on social media sites can help drive traffic to your page. If you know that there is a lot of activity from college students on Wednesday night between 9:00 pm and midnight, then post during those hours so that you can capitalize on the peak activity. Also, think about other brands that target similar audiences and how they plan their social media posts around various events such as sporting events, holidays, and newsworthy topics. 

Use Analytics and Data

Use Analytics & Data – In this step, it is important to keep track of the analytics from your email blasts and which types of posts work best for the social media platform you are using. Not only will this help you to create more relevant emails and posts in the future, but it will also help to build a better relationship with your audience and understand what they like or dislike.

Split test And Make adjustments

This is an important step; your EDM marketing campaign should be monitored continuously as a campaign is running. If certain posts or emails are not performing as they should, it’s important to make adjustments and continually track the results of those changes. 

Split testing is also very important because it can help you understand the importance of your email subject line versus your copy and how you deliver your message to attract more potential customers.

Keep an eye on your landing page conversation rate, open rate, click-through rate, and sales.

Thankfully, most marketing automation software will allow you to run A/B split tests.


EDM marketing campaigns can be extremely powerful for any small business if they are done correctly. Be sure that you know your target audience and what makes them tick. By using this information in creating relevant content that will drive conversions, your EDM campaigns will be successful every time.

It’s important to remember that you will have good and bad days with any type of campaign or marketing strategy. The key is what you do when those days occur. How quickly you can adapt to changes to your strategy and how much action you take on a daily basis will determine the success of your EDM marketing campaign.

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