How to write a blog post fast

How to write a blog post fast without sacrificing quality

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to write a blog post fast. I’ll take you through the process step-by-step and give you some tips on how to streamline your writing.

Plan Ahead

Before writing a single word of your blog post, you should plan everything ahead and know exactly what you’ll be covering.

This means researching your post, organizing your thoughts, and drafting the outline.

Planning ahead can help you to:

-Easily identify the key points of your blog post.

-Write a better outline and structure for your content. This will take away some of the guesswork when it comes time to actually write your article because you’ll know where to go.

Planning is also important because it helps ensure all parts are covered so nothing falls short; this leaves readers with no unanswered questions they might have had after reading your work.

It ensures everything within each section flows nicely from one point into another with ease rather than being hard to follow.

Outline Your Post

Your post should have an introduction that sets up what you’re going to talk about in the rest of your content.

This is followed by the main body with paragraphs for each point. Finally, it’s capped off with a summary paragraph highlighting any key takeaways from the blog post as well as links at the bottom of those points where readers can find more information on them if they want to learn more.

If you follow this structure when writing future posts, getting started will be so much easier. I’ve often found myself starting out drafts without knowing how things would flow together, wasting time trying different ways before finally settling down and figuring out my outline.

To create an outline, examine what the best-performing pages are doing. Look at their subheadings, the average length of the posts, which topics they all cover – and which ones they avoid.

Create a list of subheadings – specific topics you’ll aim to cover in your blog post.

For each point on the list, write an introduction sentence. The first paragraph should introduce the idea in broad terms and set up why this post is important to readers.

Once your outline is done, it’s time for drafting.

Use Artificial Intelligence Tools For Research

AI tools like Frase are great for creating content because they can automatically generate an average word count to aim for, give you a list of keywords to include, and approximately how many times to use them.

AI tools can take some of the heavy-lifting out of the research phase.

At the moment, I’m using Frase to create all my outlines. It drills through the top 20 Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), shows me the outline of those blog posts, the keywords being used, and the frequency.

Another thing I love about Frase is the ability to see topic clusters, so I can understand how keywords relate to each other.

Frase can even populate the outline for you with relevant data and quotes, and allow you to choose which bits make it into your draft.

AI tools like this are great resources when writing blog posts because they take some of the work out of creating an article while providing insights about what people want in their articles.

I recommend using them if you’re looking for ways on how to write a blog post fast. Frase is one option among many others available online so be sure to explore other options too or use different ones depending on your needs.

Use Artificial Intelligence Tools For Content Creation

There is a misconception about using artificial intelligence tools for content creation.

In my opinion, AI cannot write entire articles from scratch. Not even close.

But AI can be used to generate blog post content ideas.

The artificial intelligence tool, called, uses the power of language-processing algorithms and natural language generation techniques in order to create content ideas based on your own preferences about what types of articles you want to write.

I use this feature whenever I need help with writing an article when I have writers block, or when I am looking for inspiration.

It takes some pressure off of having to come up with unique content every day so that you can focus on creating great posts instead and worrying less about coming up with original topics.

Use Artificial Intelligence Tools For Search Engine Optimization

Writing a blog post fast is won’t be too beneficial unless people can find it and read it.

That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for all quality blog posts.

While SEI isn’t always easy, with the use of some artificial intelligence tools for search engine optimization, you can speed up the process.

The best part about these AI powered SEO tools is that they are constantly evolving and learning based on how people interact with their articles.

This means that over time, the algorithms will become smarter and better at helping you to optimize your posts.

Done is better than perfect

We all strive for perfection, but the fact is getting a quality blog post done and published is more beneficial than aiming for perfection.

Remember, you can (and should) return to your content at a later date to update and refine it. .

This is useful if you’re working on a deadline because it will help to get content out and published as soon as possible.

It’s okay to publish imperfect blog posts (or any type of post) that don’t have the perfect amount of information, tone or direction.

You can edit them later when you’re in a better place for writing quality content.

For now, just focus on getting your ideas down so that they can be shared with others online.

Once my articles are indexed by search engines, I’ll frequently return to the best performing ones and keep them maintained.

If All Else Fails, Outsource

The fastest way to get content done is to outsource it.

You can have someone else write the content for you, and then you just need to edit it before publishing.

This separation of tasks allows each person involved more time so they don’t get bogged down with all the work themselves.

Sites like Freelancer, Upwork and even Fiverr have thousands of people willing to write your blog posts.

However, it’s important to check their profiles and work samples before hiring one of them.

I strongly suggest doing the research and outline phase yourself, so you’ll know exactly what type of article to expect.

More tips for Writing Fast

– Set a timer, and write until the time runs out. You’ll be surprised how much content you can come up with in just an hour!

– Use templates or outlines as stepping stones to know what topics need more work. This way, everything is already laid out before you start writing once again.

– Write short sentences. You might be surprised how much content you can come up with in just an hour.

– Use bullet points. This also makes your blog posts easier to read.


The key to publishing a blog post fast is having clear direction.

Writing times vary for each person, but the fastest way to write a blog post and publish it quickly is by having all of your research ready ahead of time, organizing your thoughts, and knowing exactly what you want to say before you start typing.

With these writing tips as well as some practice on how to write a quick draft with minimal editing needed afterwords, anyone can set themselves up for success.

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