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Lead generation techniques

19 Lead generation techniques for small businesses 

It can be difficult to generate leads for your business, especially if you’re a small business and don’t have the budget for high-priced advertising. Some lead generation techniques that most businesses might find useful include; social media advertisements (Facebook and Twitter), and Google Adwords.

cheapest way to start a blog

The cheapest way to start a blog that won’t break the bank

The cheapest way to start a blog is by carefully selecting each component you need and not becoming distracted by the shiny objects that marketers will sell you.Unlike most articles about blogging, mine does not contain any affiliate links or any promotions. This is for your peace of mind. 

passive income ideas for college students

16 passive income ideas for college students

College students might be notorious for spending all of their money on books, dorm room rent, and cheap pizza. But what do you do when your income exceeds your expenses?  Passive income is a great way to build wealth, and it doesn’t always have to be hard work either. Here are 16 passive income ideas for college students.

How content marketing drives sales

How Content marketing drives sales

In 1996 Bill Gates said, “Content is king.” Of course, it’s as accurate now as it was then. But thanks to the tools available today, content marketing drives sales more effortlessly than ever before. For most businesses, content marketing is the primary way to generate leads, nurture those leads until they become clients, and drive sales.

sell without selling

How to sell without selling: low-pressure sales strategy

“Nobody likes being sold to, but everybody loves to buy,” the saying goes. It’s true. Just look at the popularity of TV home shopping networks and infomercials. People watch them for enjoyment and often purchase products they would never buy if they were sold to directly. This is how to sell without selling.

blogging goals

Set Achievable blogging goals for consistent growth

Back in 2004, when I launched my counter-culture blog, I had some big dreams. But I had no way to make them a reality because I didn’t know the importance of setting blogging goals. This blog post will save you from the same years of struggle I experienced.

video content creation

Easy video content creation for business

I’ve been creating video content as part of my marketing strategy for years and know firsthand how powerful it can be – when done right. Creating video content for your brand can seem like a daunting task, but it can have a significant ROI on your company’s bottom line if done correctly.

How to get advertisers for your blog

How to get advertisers for your blog today

Finding advertisers for your blog is hard. Unfortunately, you’re not alone in this struggle; most new bloggers have this same problem. However, since I’ve been pro blogging since 2004, I’ve found a few ways to get advertisers for your blog, plus a few extra ways to make money that works well.